Our guiding principles

As a family business which has been operating in Lüdenscheid since 1992, we are always passionate about finding customized solutions for your product presentations.

Our goal is to develop and deliver the optically and ergonomically optimal sales stand or metal display for your product and your target group. We differentiate between distribution channels (DIY-store, hardware store, department store, drugstore, etc.) and select, besides metal, additional materials such as wood, forex plates, etc., in order to adapt the right value for the target groups. At present, lighting is becoming increasingly important as an outstanding and attractive element.

The most important thing: a strong team

As an owner-managed company, we are aware of our social responsibility for our employees. This is reflected in an open communication culture and facilitates collaboration among the team. In order to stay up to date, the continuous training of our employees has a high priority. Flexible working hours, free time compensation and performance-based pay are a matter of course for us.

Solid, perfect in design, sales promoting – metal displays from the Sauerland

At first glance, drills, potting soil or thermometers have nothing in common. However, when you visit the DIY store and take a look behind many product ranges, one often discovers a presentation display by U. Kopp-Ostrowski GmbH. For more than 25 years, the Lüdenscheid-based company has been designing, developing and producing individual metal displays for DIY stores, department stores and their partners – all over Europe.

What began as a trading company for sales displays has become one of the leading providers of special solutions for sales promotion. Of course, the main materials of the metal displays are wire and sheet metal, but in combination with wood, plastic or lighting systems, displays are created with their very own handwriting. "We focused early on coordinating functionality and design with our customers' products," explains owner Ulrich von Kopp-Ostrowski, adding: "Every time we develop a new display, we take a close look at the product right from the start and set targets for the POS based on that observation. What about ergonomics during the take-out of goods and what should be considered in customer guidance? How does the appearance of the display harmonize with the intrinsic effect of the product aesthetics and the corporate design of the manufacturer? "

To put all this in a display, creativity is in demand above all else. Responsible for the fresh ideas is the creative team of the company, which uses state-of-the-art CAD design technology from the first visualization to completion. In the detailed 3D images, the customer is able to experience how his display is created, early in the design state. On request, virtual camera flights are created to present the display from all angles. The results are sophisticated and realistic computer models, which are then only a small step away from prototype development.

Once the decision process has been completed to everyone's satisfaction, the new development is released forproduction. In order to ensure quality, reliability and speed in serial production, we work exclusively with technically experienced cooperation partners who use wire bending, punching and welding machines. The cost-effective production in Poland enables attractive pricing, which benefits the customer's budget. And then, when the display in the salesroom increases the all-important buying impetus, the Sauerland thinking forge is looking forward to the next challenge.